We all think we’re pros at multi-tasking, but in actuality we’re less focused and more scattered than ever before. For this reason, we need to be extremely clear in how we communicate with our clients/followers/you-name-it (especially on the web), and get rid of any of any excess fluff.


In an era of screens and apps, we’re in serious need of actual connection. We actually “feel” more connected than ever, but in reality we’re all lonelier than ever. Trust is everything and I’ll help you bring a sense of true connection and a personal touch in your communications with your ideal audience.

+ personality

Now, more than ever, people are looking to meet the REAL human behind a brand. Not a washed out, overly perfected version of a brand that seems too good to be true. Spoiler Alert: they want to meet YOU! And I can help you infuse emotion, personality and creativity into every aspect of your web presence.