I specialize in creating original content that helps your creative pop and your product/service reach the eyes of those who simply MUST have it.

Here’s the kind of content I most prefer to write:


Having a good editor is like having a best friend you can always rely on. She’ll tell you the honest-to-goodness truth (and ask those tough questions), help you remove the excess clutter from your life, and smooth over the bumps in the road when life gets tough or confusing.

Here’s how I can help you:

Quick & Dirty:

For when you just need the basics. You’re already pretty happy with your content, have maybe even had your partner or BFF take a look-see, but need a final set of eyes before hitting “send.” In that case, you need a basic review of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Rhythm & Flow:

You know when you can’t help but bop along to a song? Well, writing is the same. Good writing has a certain pace and structure that makes it easier and more enjoyable to read. I’ll take your existing copy and tweak it to enhance your tone, pace and overall flow.

Complete overhaul:

For when you need a total redo of your existing content. You have the basics down (maybe even in point-form) and you need someone to take it and turn it into the masterpiece you have painted in your mind, but have no clue how to get it there. Say no more—I’m your gal.

Emotional Infusion

Lots of times you’re generally pleased with your existing content, but it feels like it’s missing a little something. Something you can’t quite put your finger on. Here’s when I’ll review your copy and infuse emotion and personality so your audience really feels something.


I LOVE being on the creative side of photo and video shoots, and understand the importance of having clothes that are ON POINT. Whether it’s envisioning your characters’ overall looks, shopping like it’s my job (Value Village gods, please be kind), or ensuring all runs smoothly and continuously on set (“Was his collar up or down in that last scene?” — I got you!), I’m happy to be all eyes and ears.