The Road Less Travelled


THERE ARE LOTS OF DAYS where I question my career path—running a freelance business can be A LOT on the head sometimes, without much certainty or guarantee of a regular pay cheque. I’m sure all independent creators can relate in some way with that. There’s always more to do, more people to meet, and a lot of it goes unpaid. 

BUT. And it’s a big “but”—on the days where my schedule is (fairly) wide open, and I can simply write in the comfort of my own home with my fur babe at my feet and unlimited coffee/SNACKS at my disposal, those are the days that make it all worthwhile. And sure, it gets lonely sometimes, but I’m fortunate to have such an amazing network and community that I can see anytime I like, and it really offers the best of both worlds. 

Especially as a Sagittarius, I’ve learned it’s really important for me to never feel “stuck” in any one place for too long, and having the flexibility to work when and where I please is so crucial for my creative flow. It might not work for everyone (it doesn’t need to), but I’m feeling extra thankful these days for following my gut, trusting the unease in my body, and taking the plunge to follow the road less travelled, even when it feels scary.  

No matter where you’re at (maybe you LOVE routine and a steady pay cheque is your jam—that’s great, we need you, too!), remember that every day is a clean slate, a fresh chance to learn something new, be a little bit kinder to yourself and others, and expand into an elevated version of yourself. Some days you’ll feel like you’re backtracking but that’s never REALLY the case. It all matters and is all perfectly OK. 

That’s it (for now). Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. Have a beautiful weekend, my friends!

Much love,