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I'm Ellen. And I'm a writer, editor, and content creator based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I graduated with a BA in Journalism & Communications from St. Thomas University in 2009. Since then, I've written and edited for magazines & blogs, coordinated communications & marketing for not-for-profits organizations, managed the media relations program for Tourism PEI, and have written and created lots of engaging content for awesome clients, like Discover Charlottetown and Murphy Hospitality Group.  

But as a true child of the Island, I'm what some might call "artsy" and definitely multi-passionate, so I tend to spend my days doing lots of different things. Sometimes I'm helping creative entrepreneurs and artists find their voice and tell their unique story online.

Whether it's updating their website copy, creating content for their social media, or hammering out a persuasive grant application, I love seeing talented human beings excel beyond their own expectations and take their work to the next level. 

Because I think we can all agree that the more people out there doing work they Love—and making good money at it—the better off the world will be.

Other days I'm collaborating with filmmakers to produce cool content, like music videos and short films. Sometimes I'm even working on film or commercial sets as a production assistant or stylist (when I'm REALLY lucky).

OH! And I've finally started publishing personal musings and poetry on my own blog, too, which has proven to be really enjoyable and cathartic. There's lots more to come in that arena, so stay tuned. 

Hmm, what else?

Well, as you can probably tell by now, I'm also kind of obsessed with human potential. I L O V E a good adventure and travel + explore as much as I can. But when I'm home, I'm home—'cause my family & friends are the best, and there are beaches and friendly people everywhere. Though I'm pretty resistant to early mornings, there's no better feeling than watching the sun rise, especially at the shore. I find spirituality, psychology, and all things mystical super fascinating. Cheese is my kryptonite. Acts of human kindness make my eyes wet. And animals? Frig, don't even get me started. 

There, now, I've told you a little bit about me. That wasn't so hard. 

Feelin' ready to chat? Let's talk :)