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I’m Ellen.

I help big-hearted brands harness the power of thoughtful storytelling to reach their dream clients and create an even greater impact on the world.

because I truly believe the more people doing work they love, the better our world will be. This makes me deeply committed to helping You find Your unique voice and sharIng it in a meaningful way that connects with those who need it the most.

Now, how do I do this exactly? Allow me to elaborate…



Website in disarray? Having trouble talking about yourself? Or maybe you just can't "do the computers." No problem-o. While I'm not a mind-reader (yet), I'm fairly intuitive and fancy myself a pretty good listener. And through a series of life and business chats, I'll help you draw out your  brand's true essence and capture the "sticky" parts of your story. I'll then translate your vision into words and create messaging (AKA "copy") that you can use online (or wherever you need) to connect with your dream clients and followers. 

Basically, I'll make you sound human. Like a cool, real-deal kinda human, if that's what you're in to. I can even help you design a sweet Squarespace site if the occasion calls for it. 'Cause it's the best. And I just like using things that are both beautiful and easy to use.  


Much like my approach to copywriting, I love digging into great conversation and interviewing interesting people. I've spent a number of years writing for various magazines, newspapers and blogs on topics ranging from travel and visual art to entrepreneurship and music. I also have "Maximizer" tendencies and thrive on editing other people's work. Especially other people's almost perfect work. 'Cause I'm nitpicky as heck when it comes to grammar, tone and overall flow. 


Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
— Pablo Picasso


While I've always loved collaborating with other artists, I've recently fallen in love with the art of video and film production, especially the creation and styling side of things. I'm particularly fond of documentaries and music videos that educate, entertain and inspire social change. I also work as a production assistant and wardrobe stylist on occasion, which really fuels my childhood love for putting on plays and playing dress-up.

Check out some of my recent projects here


It's now SO important to connect with potential clients and customers online in a meaningful and authentic way. And one of the best ways to do this is to be daring enough to get personal in telling your unique story, your raison d'être.

But let's face it: We can all be a bit too modest for our own good when it comes to telling our own story. Or we suddenly turn into robots, pre-programmed to spew out the same sales language we've all read a million times before. Or we know what we want to say but can't seem to tie it all together cohesively. 

Sound familiar? Fear not, my friend!

I'll help you dig deep and draw out the triumphs and the not-so-glamorous bits of your story. I'll help people fall in *love with the real deal you. Let's have them feel something and get excited about jumping on board with whatever it is you're offering.

*love results may vary

Wouldn't it feel good to let your true light shine?

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